Web Design Portfolio

Handcoded Site

Skills utilized: HTML, CSS, Rounded Corners, Background, and Text Shadowing

First Handcoded Site

In this assignment I was required to create a one-page HTML site with a small amount of CSS. This assignment taught me how to correctly site up files names to avoid broken links, practice skills to set up a doctype and external stylesheet correctly, to comment my code, use images, and validate my code.

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The Roasted Opus

Skills utilized: HTML Validation, CSS, Google Fonts, Tables, Forms, Nav bars, Flexbox, and Unordered Lists

Treating Typography Like Art

The focus of this assignment was to create a visually appealing website that was dependent on typography alone. Some of the requirements in this project were to also include an unordered list, a table, and a navigation menu.

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CSS Zen Garden

Skills utilized: Wireframes, CSS, Cutout Corners, Image Placement, and Google PageSpeed

CSS Zen Garden

Often a rite of passage for many web designers, the CSS Zen Garden project challenged me to re-design a web page using only CSS, without editing the exisiting HTML. In preparation for this project, the assignment instructed me to create a moodboard and a wireframe to plan out my design.

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Bootstrap Website

Skills utilized: Bootstrap Frameworks, Multi-Page Layouts, Responsive Design, Link Stages, Media Queries, and CSS Grid

Discovering Bootstrap and CSS Grid

This assignment built on all the skills I learned thus far in the program as well as introduced new ones like Bootstrap frameworks, CSS grid, Flexbox and web usability and accessiblity.

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